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Grow your business with Paazy Shop

The Sales Booster is a new way to promote your products and services with us.
In this, we shall update your business page with crowd funding software and our user reach and pay X amount to book your sales in the future.

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The advantage of purchasing a Paazy sales booster for the business owner

  • You can fix the sales target for the financial year or month.
  • Performance-based sales team, also known as an affiliate. There is no need to pay a salary; instead, work on a performance-based market.
  • Backend office for affiliates to track their sales.
  • One page to market your products and services.
  • One page to declare the price of your product and services.
  • Users can pay with credit and debit cards through a secure payment gateway. 
  • You can have one featured product image and a gallery.
  • Fix the minimum contribution.
  • Fix the maximum contribution:
  • Tags available
  • Show likes and share button to promote the product.
  • A user can leave a comment on a product, which is the most effective way to get a review. 
  • Users can pay in advance, a minimum amount. 
  • With Paazy Business Club, you can use a press release to boost your branding. 

Let’s help you boost your sales. Just pay us whatever you feel good about, to promote your business.

How to promote?

Once we have created your business page like this, you can start promoting it. On every purchase, you will get 70% of the amount. The rest is our marketing fee.

You can build your affiliate team for your business. because you need a sales team to promote it. And they will be getting 10% on every sale through their referral link. And the best part is that their customers remain for life.

How much I have to pay?

  • 1 month =$10
  • 3 months =$27
  • 6 months=$48
  • 12 months =$63

Note: This page should be treated as a sample business page to promote your business. If you pay any X amount, we shall consider for the number of days.



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