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Our services desk lets you shop for all your needs in one place. Looking to publish a book related to your business or biography?


We can help you with content writing, design, and publishing, as well as marketing assistance. We shall be creating your book as an eBook, also known as an electronic or digital book, and making it available to the world. We will also create it in paperback form. Now don’t worry; just relax; we will take care of everything and assist you in creating and publishing your book.

  • We will assist you in turning your ideas and thoughts into books that people can read.
  • We shall also conduct research and gather the necessary information needed to write your book.
  • If you have already drafted your content, we will edit and proofread it,  selecting the right title and content that is free of grammar errors.
  • We shall be generating the right title for the book, chapters, and theme.
  • We shall collaborate with other professionals like photographers and graphic designers to strategize to help our clients get the best result.
  • We shall also ensure that your book is ready at the stipulated time.

Your book will be written by an experienced author. You can also find his books on Amazon and other sites. To read his book, click here.

You can search Rishi Pal Sharma books by name  and books, on Google Books, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads,  Amazon (Worldwide), Abe books, BookBub, the open Library, Bookfinder and many more.

With every book, Press Release package is included.

Press Release : Our starter package is ideal for any size business looking to increase their online visibility presence.


  • News release can appear on search engines Google, Bing & Yahoo
  • Your news is sent to 50+ online syndication sites (TV, Radio, Business, Financial, News Journal, Tech, etc.)
  • Your news is made available to journalists and bloggers through our Media Desk
  • Your news appears through RSS and News Widget feeds
  • Attach up to 4 images or documents
  • Receive a pickup report with 50+ placement locations
  • 7 day turnaround for distribution after publishing the book

Our starter package is ideal for any size business looking to establish an internet-based perceived presence. For more information about media distribution points, click here.

Pay us:


  • Customer Manager Profile : $15
  • Customer Manager Monthly Pay:$5
  • Author profile for business writing Press release unlimited: Paazy Readers Club for One Year: $180
  • Press release only: $363
  • Content Writing: $134 for a 50-page softcover book and 1 book after publication (without a press release).
  • Content Writing: 100 pages with a soft cover and 1 book after publication (without a press release): $200
  • Grammar Check, correct, and publish (without content writing, a cover, and a press release): $100
  • Ten slides of presentation with voiceover to upload to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others: $130
  • Without Content Writing and 15 Books (With a Press Release): $397
  • 25 books with content writing and a press release: $618
  • 10 books with content writing and a press release: $497
  • 25 books with content writing, an author profile (to write unlimited press releases at Paazy Readers Club), and a press release: $760
  • Sell unlimited eBooks on Paazy Shop and become an author to write unlimited press release at Paazy Reader Club  for one year : $280




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